The Mortgage Insurance Market & Wholesale Lenders

General Judy Conrad 13 Apr

The Canadian mortgage market used to be very simple. We had the big banks, credit unions, and trust companies. However, almost 20 years ago, the Canadian government made three major changes to the Canadian mortgage industry. First, the government and CMHC put their weight behind Canadian mortgages by guaranteeing an insurance payout to lenders in […]

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Reverse Mortgages – Some Common Misconceptions

General Judy Conrad 30 Mar

The words “reverse mortgage” can carry some negative connotation. What does it really mean? What makes a reverse mortgage different than a regular or demand mortgage in Canada? There are no payments required if 1 applicant lives in the home. Payments can be made if they wish, they are truly optional. No medical required and limited […]

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Where Are Canadian Mortgage Rates Going in 2018?

General Judy Conrad 14 Mar

2017 was a year of change for the Canadian Mortgage Market. With the announcement of the B-20 guideline changes requiring all insured or uninsured mortgages to undergo stress testing. In addition, the removal of mortgage bundling and the continued rate rises from the Bank of Canada have led to significant changes in mortgage rates. This […]

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